Networking Pays



1. Invite your friends, family, and contacts to Repatriatetoghana

2. See every person who becomes a member and member who subscribes from your referral.

3. Get paid for being a resource for your community.

4. Get Started


It’s simple. Get paid $1.00 for each person who subscribes through your link or invite.  That’s it. $1.00 for each paid subscriber, each month forever.*

Why? When you share, you help the Black community grow. You do it because it’s the right thing but cash is nice bonus, right?

How many Black people do you know? Could you use an extra $1/month for every person? Subscribe friends, family, coworkers, worshipers etc and those 10, 25, 50, 100 people could mean $10, $25, $50, or $100 extra dollars every month.

No, you won’t get rich but could you use an extra couple of dollars in your pocket just for doing something you were going to do anyway? We think so.

Earn $1.00 for every member

Get paid for every member subscription
you bring to our platform

Get Started

1. Share your affiliate link

After completing your LBB profile, choose a subscription that best complements your site engagement level and lifestyle.Then invite your colleagues, family an

d friends using your affiliate link to do the same. You can share your affiliate link on blogs, forums,website,facebook,twitter etc or you can use marketing materials like banners as well. You can find the marketing materials under marketing tab.

2. Link Clicks

Someone clicks on your affiliate banner or link on your profile or in an email. They join LetsBuyBlack365 and get a paid subscription.

The program is powered by Affiliate Tracker, the leading affiliate tracking software. Affiliate Tracker makes sure that all referrals and sales are tracked correctly. The process is fully automatic with no human intervention. All your clicks/visitors will be properly tracked.

It even works if cookies are disabled in the browser of the customer. The customer can visit us months after your referral and the click will still be tracked.

3. Automated Tracking

2. Track Traffic logs

System keeps track of all visitors referred bt you. With this,you can see how much traffic every your affiliate link is generating and how many referrals are registered.

3. Track Conversions & Commissions

Review all the conversions and commissions details online like account name, date and time, subscription plan, value of transaction and commision you earned.

4. Get Paid Automatically

Receive money automatically after the month your commissions were earned via your personal PayPal account after the first 60 days. Keep track of the payment you recevied or pending using payments tab. We pay our affiliates by PayPal. Because everything is tracked and paid automatically we do not support other payment methods.

After 60 days, all earnings will be paid on the end of each month for the previous month. All payments are in US dollars. The minimum payout value is $5.00USD You must enter your PayPal email address in your affiliate account settings in the payout options. Otherwise, we cannot pay you.

Terms & Conditions

Referrals: User may NOT use the LetsBuyBlack365 referral program to refer yourself to the movement service. The banners and the links of the affiliate program may NOT be used in spam emails or other spam activities (blog comment spam, forum spam, etc.). In that case, your affiliate account will be terminated and outstanding commissions will not be paid.

Referral period: Referred subscriber must be subscribed for the full calendar month. To be eligible for the commissions the referred subscriber must not cancel, downgrade or chargeback their subscription. Cancellations, downgrades, and chargebacks are subtracted from earned commissions.

Payouts and transaction fees: Current payout is $1.00/paid subscription/month for tier 1 subscriptions and $.50/paid subscription/month for tier 2 subscriptions.  Note PayPal may subtract their fees from your earned commissions. LetsBuyBlack365 is not responsible for PayPal transaction fees

General disclaimer: Pricing terms, and fees subject to change without notice

Beyond the legal mumbo jumbo: This program is meant to be a genuine win-win-win for the LetsBuyBlack365 movement, your friends and family, and for you. If there is a part of the program that could help us all win more, contact us, inbox us through Connect!


These descriptions are meant to be guides and are not legal definitions. Affiliate – a member who opts-in to the affiliate program and agrees to the terms of use. 

Cancellation – A cancellation is the termination of a member account initiated by the member.

Charge-back – a credit card holder can dispute a credit card transaction with the card issuer. A chargeback occurs when the card issuer validates the dispute and charges the holder and takes the funds from the vendor.

Commissions – Monies earned though valid use of the NetworkingPays program for a subscription period.

Downgrade – is the act of a member moving from one subscription level to a lower level.

Member – a member is a user that has applied to the site and been approved for membership.

Referral – is the act of sharing your affiliate link or inviting someone you know to become a subscriber to the website.

Period – the period is the first full month of subscription starting on the first day of the month and ending on the last day of the month. A subscription period occurs every subsequent full month until a subscriber cancels the subscription.

Spam – is the act of sending unwanted, welcomed, or the same message to individuals or voluminous groups indiscriminately to (large numbers of recipients) electronically.

Subscriber – a subscriber is a member that opts into a paid recurring subscription service. Tier – A subscriber directly referred by you is a tier 1 referral. A subscriber referred by your referral is a tier 2 referral. There are no tiers tracked beyond tier 2.

User – a user of the free services on the website and through digital resources

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